New Stunning Mosaics in Stock now

New Stunning Mosaics in Stock now!

By using mosaic tiles, you are creating a touch of class, glamour and splendour to any room, take a look at our new Stunning Mosaics in Stock now. These stunning Diamante mosaics are made up of small, rectangular individual pieces which are manufactured on a mesh backing, enabling them to be easily cut to size to create border strips, feature designs or small decorative squares within a wall. They are available in a range of 4 colours at only £16.68 per sheet.

See below for the product specifications:

Material: Glass
Finish: Gloss
Colours: Tortora, Bianco, Grigio and Grafiti
Sheet Size: 30cm x 30cm
Thickness of Mosaic: 8mm
Stone Size: 1.5cm x 1.5cm

All prices include VAT @ 20%


 New Stunning Mosaics in Stock now DIAMANTE GRAFITI


Mosaics made up of glass have been around as early as 2500 BC, however it wasn’t until the early 3rd century before other countries were using glass in their mosaics. Clay tiles were fashioned as prematurely as 8000 BC but there were substantial barriers to the development and production of glass tiles, such as the high temperatures which were required to melt the glass and the mastering of cutting and creating curves within the material.

Since the 1990s a variety of modern glass tile technologies, including methods to take used glass and recreate it as ‘green’ tiles, has resulted in a resurgence of interest in glass tile as a floor and wall cladding. It is now commonly used in kitchens, spas, and bathrooms. And while smalti tiles are still popular, small and large format glass products are now commonly formed using cast and fused glass methods. The plasticity of these last two methods has resulted in a wide variety of looks and applications, including floor tiles.

If you want tiles… It has got to be Fylde Tiles!


Autumn Special Offers!!



Autumn Special Offers!!

Autumn ‘You’d be mad not too’ Special Offers!!

Our stunning new range of Wood Effect floor tiles add a sought after ‘natural’ look to your home with the same knot and groove characteristics of authentic wood. In a choice of 3 colours at a remarkable price of only £14.99m2 including VAT, surely you’d be mad not to snap up this special autumn deal?

The Itauba and Kivu collection of Wood Effect tiles are a perfect way to add a touch of elegance and style into your home. Our range comes complete with knot and groves and has an incredible realistic appearance, just like real authentic wood planks. It is a 17.5cm x 50cm red-bodied ceramic tile, therefore the perfect choice for hallways, bathrooms and kitchens.

Wood effect tiles are evolving to be a key trend in interior design world, focusing on the beauty of genuine timber and combining it with the strength and ease of maintenance of tiles.

This style of tile is becoming increasing popular and more and more people are choosing this over other designs. Why? Because generally, they are durable, practical, cost efficient and due to today’s technology and the innovations revolutionised over the past decade, the planks look and feel just as authentic and natural as real wood.

You can even choose to lay the wood effect tiles on the wall, by thinking outside of the box, you could be creating a stunning characteristic and the perfect feature or setting in any room.

Autumn ‘You’d be mad not too’ Special Offers!!

Material: Red Bodied Ceramic
Finish: Textured, Matt, Rough
Colours: Grey, Natural and Beige
Tile Size: 17.5cm x 50cm
Thickness of Tile: 10mm

Box Quantity: 15 tiles/1.31m2
Tiles per m2: 11.428


Public Image UK




Stone Floor & Wall Tiles: Choosing your stone tiles off plan

June 4, 2015

At MyStoneFloor.com we deal with luxury property developers on a regular basis. Our developers prefer to buy from direct importers like ourselves as they know that quality has not been compromised to accommodate the middle-mans-margin! We also keep big stocks in our local warehouse so we can show potential customers our current stone tile stocks; we know this gives our customers great confidence and most are happy to buy from the big display boards we showcase in our Quorn showroom (10 mins drive from Leicester).

One of our most recent projects has been a 4 plot development on one of Loughboroughs most sought after locations, Beacon Road. Buying off plan, as was the case with the Beacon Road development, can be a difficult process; there are lots of decisions to make in a small amount of time. Luckily, we are here to help! We can provide samples to take away along with recommendations in terms of sizing, finishes and of course colour and stone type! Finding the right stone for the right application is a job we love and with varying tastes, this keeps our job really interesting and our customers often surprise us with new stone combinations which even we hadn’t thought of!

Check out the most recent images from the Beacon Road development. If you’d like any further information on any of the products you see, just give us a call on 01509 416557.


Here the stunning Croatian Limestone tiles ‘Concordia’ have been selected in a polished finish 600×400. They are only 10mm in thickness allowing them to be used for floor and walls. As a feature wall the Blue Fume Tumbled Marble has been used with its subtle, sweeping white veining complimenting the Concordia White perfectly.


The Vennatino Beige is a polished marble tile again suitable for both walls & floors and stocked in a 600×400 size. This creamy beige marble tile has a glassy polished finished and oozes elegance and class.


The Adriatic Blend is a limestone tile with great character and stocked in a  400 x Free Length format. Again, with a thickness of 10mm this tile is super versatile and is suitable for both the floor and walls. The Adriatic Blend is labelled a blend due to the two colours present arising from two layers in the quarry converging. Cream and Blue are the base colours for this limestone tile, highlighted by classical veining giving a feel of real opulence.


The following bathroom has a totally different look. The Pinatubo Grey brushed limestone has been used on the floor with both Dijon brushed limestone tile and strip along the walls and inside the shower enclosure. The darker grey from the Pinatubo picks out the fossilisation with in the Dijon allowing these two products to compliment each other wonderfully. For a change of texture, a feature wall has been added in our Noce splitface mosaic; a product that works really well with the Dijon and looks particularly nice in conjuction with down lighting.

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Dijon Limestone Tumbled Floor Tiles and Pavers Malik 5

Dijon Limestone: The infinity look

May 15, 2015

As mentioned in my previous post, the importance of using the right natural stone materials outdoors can not be underestimated.  This doesn’t mean to say you can’t use natural stone in an exterior setting; with the right advice, you can achieve an elegant, timeless look at an affordable price.

MyStoneFloor.com are not only stockists but we’re also importers of natural stone and have over 20 years experience doing it. This is why we supply a whole range of trade professionals ranging from interior designers, architects to property developers. They put their trust in us to supply a product that will not only look good but also be practical and appropriate for the application in question.

Katie Malik is an interior designer with a keen eye for quality. After creating the mood board for her most recent project she engaged MyStoneFloor.com (locally we’re known as Quorn Stone) to help guide her with the suitability of using Dijon Limestone both indoors and outdoors. Her vision was to bring the tranquility of the garden inside and the usable, practical living space of the kitchen outside. Katie opted to source the Dijon in a tumbled finish; the vibration process not only mellows the colour and tonal variation of the stone but from a practical point of view, the tumbled finish also offers a good slip resistance value for the exterior.

The proof is always in the pudding and I think you’d be hard pressed to disagree when I say the end product looks truly beautiful. Check out Katie’s website to see how she could help you transform your living spaces


Dijon Limestone Tumbled Floor Tiles and Pavers Malik 5

Dijon Limestone Tumbled Floor Tiles and Pavers Malik 4

Dijon Limestone Tumbled Floor Tiles and Pavers Malik 3

Dijon Limestone Tumbled Floor Tiles and Pavers Malik 1

Dijon Limestone Tumbled Floor Tiles and Pavers Malik 2

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photo 3

Natural Stone Pavers: The importance of using frost resistant materials

May 13, 2015

In recent  months we are seeing a rise in the number of customers wanting to adopt a similar, if not the same, stone used internally – externally. This most likely stems from increased installations of bi-fold doors allowing outside and inside to blend seamlessly together.

Unfortunately there are many retailers unaware of the importance of frost resistance for exterior natural stone. At MyStoneFloor.com we always ensure our limestone and marble pavers have passed the necessary frost resistance tests. We also have an infinity range of stones which allow customers to achieve the seamless look they are after by stocking both interior tiles and also the same exterior flagstones in 30mm. We always recommend a 30mm natural stone paver unless there is a solid concrete base reinforced with aluminum meshing. In this case, 20mm may be suitable.

Over the winter period we left some stone samples outside our warehouse to highlight the importance. The material in question is a dense marble tile more than suitable for  interior, high traffic areas however it is not frost resistant. The effects of even a relatively mild winter are quite showing and a clear sign of how structures of non-frost resistant stones are susceptible to the bite of frost. You’ll see how the water has entered the stone then once frozen it expands, chipping and popping small areas of the stone away from the remainder of the tile.

We can’t stress just how important using the right product for the right application is. If you are unsure, seek expert advice from a company with deep knowledge in the sourcing and importing of natural stone products.

photo 2 photo 1 photo 4 photo 3

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Stone Panels: Basilica… Polished Limestone

March 9, 2015

At MyStoneFloor.com we are always sourcing new and exclusive products for our customers.

Our stone panels are a totally new concept, blowing all previous limitations out of the water.

Most of the time a stone tile over the size of a 600×400 or 600×600 will need a thickness of greater than 1cm to keep it strong and stable until its been fitted. The problem with stones over 1cm thickness going onto plasterboard walls is the weight therefore requiring re-inforcement of the walls. Sometimes, for the real wow factor, slabs can be used which work out to be incredibly expensive in 2cm or 3cm.

Collaborating with one of Europes biggest stone exporters, MyStoneFloor.com have helped oversee the innovation of stone panels 2200 x 600 x 10mm that can be fitted straight onto plasterboard walls. These huge, over-sized tiles are also complimented by a range of 600×400 polished tiles, 600×100 strips for skirting and 30mm slabs to produce vanity tops. The 4 products are available in 7 different stones;

  • Istrian Shells
  • Pula Blue
  • Crema Castello
  • Charleston
  • San Marco
  • Pavillion
  • Basilica

But what do these panels look like? Well, we’ve just completed a job no less than a stones throw away from our showroom where I dropped in a few days ago to show you the look that can be achieved.

In this bathroom two stones have been used; Charleston Grey Polished Limestone on the floor… 600x400x10. Basilica Polished Limestone Panels on the wall, 2200x600x10 trimmed down slightly to fit the ceiling height of the room as it is a period property, sporting low ceilings in some of the rooms.



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