Product Description

4mm-75mm DIAMOND HOLE-SAW Tile Ceramic Porcelain Glass Marble Drill Bit Cutter


4mm-75mm DIAMOND HOLE-SAW. A diamond drill bit is a cutting instrument constructed with industrial strength diamond grains fixed onto the functional parts of the tool. Diamond as a material is the strongest and most hard wearing substance available which makes it a better choice than silicon carbide and corundum. Due to the strength of the diamonds, it has good wear resistance and low friction efficiency.

Commonly, diamond drill bits are usually available in diameters varying from 4mm to 130mm for use with drilling glass, porcelain and ceramic tiles, stone, slate and granite.

These diamond coated core drill bits removes a complete circle from glass, tiles, marble, granite, ceramic, porcelain or other materials and only needs water for lubrication.

Tile Drill Bit Hole Cutter Specifications:

  • Can be used with a standard electric drill.
  • Always use lubrication (water), otherwise the diamond core drill will burn.
  • Start your hole diagonally, make a round trace and then hold drill straight.
  • Excellent Tile Drill Bits for making clean and accurate holes in tiles, granite and marble.
  • Please add water for coolant and drill slowly.
  • Start your drill at 45 Degree to surface and align to 90 Degree as hole forms.
  • Never use drills while machine is in hammer action.
  • Holes require no further work as cutting is clean.

Variations may apply.

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