Bali Green Mosaic

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Bali Green Mosaic

By using Bali Green Mosaic tiles, you are creating a touch of class and splendor to any room. Mosaics are made up of small individual pieces which are manufactured on a mesh backing, enabling them to be easily cut to size to create border strips, feature designs or small decorative strips within a wall.


Material: Glass
Sheet Size: 31.8cm x 32.2cm
Thickness of Mosaic: 6mm
Stone Size: 1.5cm x 3.2cm 

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Click here to read why you should choose mosaic tiles or read below for a snippet of the article!

‘They’re durable, aesthetic, and they’ve got an important place in the history of interior design. Mosaics are a beautiful and unique art form that have dazzled mankind for centuries with their versatility of design and bright colors. They are essentially patterns made out of many small pieces put together.

The Mosaic Tile Kitchen

You can add some colour and depth to your kitchen design with an artistic mosaic serving as your back splash kitchen tile. The back splash in the kitchen is a major functional element. Mosaic tiles would help incorporate some colour and design into the kitchen’s overall aesthetic, especially if you choose to have the tiles cover the entire surface between the counter top and the bottom of the cabinets. Due to the tiles’ durability, they would be easier to clean and maintain. Plus, you can opt for either a matte or glossy look.

The Bathroom

The same goes for your bathroom as it does with the kitchen. There is a lot of space for decoration in bathrooms, and you can start with a cool back splash mosaic. The shower is also a very good option for mosaic art. It can give the shower experience an immersive feel, especially with deep colors and complex designs. You can additionally choose to have the bathroom’s entire walls covered in mosaic tiles too. Just covering the bathroom walls halfway up with mosaic tiles is also an option. You would have the freedom to choose between images and pictures, patterns, or abstract designs too.’

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Dimensions 31.8 × 32.2 cm


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