Where to tile in your bathroom…

Where to tile in your bathroom… Are you struggling with the thought of redesigning or restyling your bathroom? One issue you may come across is where should you tile- Floor to ceiling? Just in the shower area? Half way? Whatever your choice, bare in mind that it could also affect the cost of your project, since tiling is a skilled job.

Chevron mixed with Hexagon tiles

Tiling the bare minimum…

You can almost do away without any wall tiling at all, covering only the floor with luxurious marble tiles or a decorative ceramic/porcelain tile to really create an eye catching feature. 

Walls plastered in micro-cement can be sealed to ensure waterproofing, and there are various equivalent options for bricks, depending on whether you paint them or leave them bare.  Always get a professional opinion about waterproofing areas that will get very wet, as the consequences of even the smallest opportunities for water to go where it’s not meant to can cause long-term bathroom pain.

Tiling half way…

If you choose to run tiles around the walls uniformly at shoulder height, this creates a streamlined, very neat look. The details that make this style of tiling work are the choice of paint colour on the walls above, and the trim, which is key to helping tiles run nicely into a plain wall.

Floor to ceiling…

Floor-to-ceiling tiles can lend a real air of swish hotel style, to a bathroom. The key to keeping the whole look airy and bright is a pale palette.

Where natural light is lacking, visual continuity can really help to open up a dark room. Another great tip is that larger tile options can have the effect of stretching a smaller space, therefore making your bathroom appear bigger and more spacious.

A bright room lends more scope for a busier choice of tile – for example, a smaller in size and varied in tone option. 

Make half tiling have a purpose

Half tiling your bathroom walls could be the star of the show, yet it barely covers half of the room. Metro tiles standout by laying them in a herringbone pattern and at the same time, the painted sections feel deliberate.

If you’ve fallen for more expensive tiles, but aren’t sure the budget will stretch, consider using them in a small area of the bathroom. Here, a patterned design forms an extended splashback behind the basin, yet still makes quite the impact. 

Reduce usage even more if needs be by choosing just enough tiles to protect the area directly behind the basin. Keep other tiles plain to maximise your feature.

Remember- It pays to seek advice from professionals, get a couple of quotes from various tilers, plumbers and building contractors- but never settle for the cheapest!

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